推荐一个买球网站(以及动物和植物)迫不及待地想见到你! 请 在网上买球十大正规平台之前,请查看以下重要信息.

变化 & 闭包



网上买球十大正规平台85%的空间在户外,主要是步行体验. 推荐一个买球网站鼓励你 dress accordingly for your safety and to have the best Sonoran Desert adventure!

Map 推荐一个买球网站鼓励你 下载博物馆地图 参观前.






图森市每年平均有286个晴天! 一定要涂上并重新涂抹. 仅供参考:洗手间里有免费的防晒霜!


帽子。 & 太阳镜

推荐一个买球网站不希望你看的时候眯着眼睛! Make sure to shade your eyes so you can take in the spectacular desert views.


计划参观博物馆? 填写调查问卷 (in English or Español) before and after your visit to tell us why you're visiting and what you learned about conservation. 你将参加一张VISA礼品卡的抽奖. 每个赛季都有一个冠军!


在沙漠的高温下,喝比你认为你需要的更多的水. 请自带可重复使用的水瓶! We have traditional water fountains and touchless water bottle refill stations around grounds that can be used. 瓶装和罐装水也可以购买!



因为博物馆主要是一种步行体验, 当你穿过小径时,你肯定需要舒适的鞋子.

The Desert Museum is dedicated to providing a naturalistic and enriching sanctuary for our animals and plants, 和一个干净的, 友好的, 为推荐一个买球网站的客人提供娱乐和教育体验. Our goal is to inspire people to live in harmony with the natural world by fostering love, 升值, 以及对索诺兰沙漠的了解. The comfort and safety of our guests and animal and plant residents is our top priority.



在所有区域都可以选择戴口罩. We encourage guests to follow the most current CDC guidance to mitigate the spread of COVID-19, and make choices about visiting and precautions that align with one’s personal health status and level of risk.

是的. 门票可以在前门购买,也可以提前在网上购买.

目前,提前购买的门票是有日期限制的, 但是,如果您无法网上买球十大正规平台您购买的日期, simply 联系 Guest Services and we will be happy to adjust your reservation date or refund your purchase if necessary.

If you are unable to visit on the date purchased, please 联系 Guest Services. We will be happy to adjust your reservation date, or refund your purchase if necessary.

网上买球十大正规平台85%的空间都在户外 主要是步行体验. 推荐一个买球网站鼓励你 dress accordingly for your safety and to have the best Sonoran Desert adventure!

大多数游客花2-3小时参观博物馆. 随着推荐一个买球网站的不断发展,有 有更多的东西要看,要做! 你可以轻松地在这里待上一整天,还有更多值得一看的地方!

是的, manual wheelchairs, strollers, and motorized 摩托车 are available to rent 来自客服部.

不得携带外带食物及饮料入馆, 然而,在前门附近有一个野餐的华美达. We are also conveniently located next to picnic areas in Tucson Mountain Park. 铁木露台餐厅和菲比咖啡馆每天营业. There are traditional water fountains and touchless water bottle refill stations around grounds.


尽管推荐一个买球网站很喜欢动物,但推荐一个买球网站不允许宠物进入. 只有 服务性动物是允许的.

是的! 请在离开前到客服部. 请注意,博物馆将于下午5点关闭.m.

为了其他客人和动物的安全, 玻璃容器, 武器, 滑板, 摩托车, 自行车, 气球, 吹口哨, 外面的食物和饮料是不允许进入的.

一般来说,客人可以拍摄非专业的照片供个人使用. 专业摄影师必须坚持推荐一个买球网站摄影的政策.

The Desert Museum is pleased to contribute to the success of likeminded nonprofit organizations by providing charitable contributions. 你可以在这里申请.

是的! 推荐一个买球网站一直在寻求更多的支持. 请浏览推荐一个买球网站志愿页面 了解更多信息.

请致电520-883-2702或发电子邮件 info@hostilitee.com.


绝对! 礼品会员可以通过几种不同的方式购买-在线, 或通过电话或亲自与客户服务助理联系. Gift 会员s include the same 好处 as a standard Desert Museum membership. They are valid for one year from the date of purchase, 延长到月底.

网上购买, select the level you would like to purchase and fill out the information for the person for whom you are purchasing the membership. 然后一封电子邮件将直接发送给他们. 不幸的是,没有定制的在线礼品会员. 如果您有任何问题,请致电客人服务部520-883-1380分机. 7100.

从购买之日起,网上买球十大正规平台的会员资格有效期为一年, 延长到月底. (Example: A membership purchased on October 1, 2023 will expire on October 31, 2024)

Desert Museum memberships in the Dual category or higher offer the option to name both adults on the membership OR list the second adult as a “Guest.” This allows the named member to bring any one person with them at each visit for the duration of their membership. 另外, Desert Museum memberships (excluding Student) include single-use admission tickets to use for guest admission.

入学 to the Desert Museum is valid only for the named member(s) listed on the membership account. 如果您在购买时选择了“访客”选项, 任何一个人都可以和你一起参观博物馆, 或者在有卡的情况下单独使用.

这取决于你的会员级别, your membership gift (less the fair market value of the goods and services received) could be considered tax deductible for income tax purposes. 请 consult your tax professional for guidance in making final determinations.

虽然推荐一个买球网站很自豪能成为AZA(动物园协会)的一员 & 水族馆)认可的组织, the Desert Museum does not currently participate in the AZA Reciprocity Program or offer reciprocal 好处 to other institutions.

Children and grandchildren (age 17 and under) of the named adult member(s) are included on Desert Museum memberships in the Family category or higher. 青少年必须有一名成人陪同. 看到 网上买球十大正规平台会员资格 请参阅有关会员类别的其他信息 & 好处.

当然! Simply present a photo ID at one of the ticket windows on our front patio and a Guest Service Assistant will be happy to validate your membership for admission and print a replacement card upon request. After a replacement card is printed, your previously issued cards will no longer be valid.

是的! 推荐一个买球网站认为你会喜欢成为推荐一个买球网站狼群的一员, 但如果你想在加入之前亲眼看看,推荐一个买球网站也能理解. You may apply the cost of your admission tickets to the purchase of a membership the day of your visit. The number of tickets that may be applied depends on the membership category.



家庭/绿松石/铜/银/金:最多可申请2名成人 & 青少年门票2张.

Present your admission tickets or receipt at a ticket window on your way out of the Museum and a Guest Service Assistant will be happy to help you 加入推荐一个买球网站的队伍!


网上买球十大正规平台适合所有人. We are committed to providing guests with an experience that will inspire them to live in harmony with the natural world by fostering love, 升值, 以及对索诺兰沙漠的了解. We believe everyone should be able to experience incredible connections to nature and wildlife, 不考虑经济状况或其他因素. This program allows the Desert Museum to be more accessible to low-income households.

任何持卡人有效, non-expired Arizona state-issued EBT card with valid photo ID and up to three (3) additional individuals at the discounted price.

No. The EBT cards can only be used to show that cardholders are eligible for Desert Museum CAP rate. They must use a method that the Museum accepts to pay – cash or credit/debit cards.